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Jumping Clyde

Vibrant for a year, then the motivating leaders of the club, Will Banowsky and Jesse Weyher graduated and moved on. Still, there are opportunities to skydive for CofC students. The club advisor and web maintainer is Jeff Wragg.

The club was open to anyone interested in skydiving or other body flight sports, such as indoor skydiving, also known as tunnel flying. The club was an information conduit, and facilitator for members of the CofC community who want to learn more or give it a try.

The closest DZs (dropzones) are Skydive Walterboro and Skydive Carolina. Walterboro is a smaller DZ, and is about an hour from Charleston. Skydive Carolina is between Columbia and Charlotte, about 2 1/2 hours away, but is a much bigger and more active operation with bigger airplanes. There are DZs all over the country though, in nearly every state. The United States Parachute Association (USPA) has a database of DZs if you want to find something close to home. Be very leary of searching the internet, as there are some internet-based operations with questionable practices.

Breaking news... I have it on very good authority that we can expect a local skydiving operation soon. Keep alert to the opening of Charleston Parachute Center. I'll post information here as soon as it becomes available.

Want to check out other skydiving clubs? Check out College Skydiving on the web. There is an annual Collegiate Skydiving Championship competition.

Below is a happy CofC student, Suzi, doing her tandem jump, and a group of thrilled students after their jumps.

Suzi's Tandem    Happy Jumpers

Jesse claims he is in the photo below, taken in Dubai, his new workplace as a skydiving instructor. We have no way to be certain. Jesse in Dubai

        updated: 19 September 2015 - jlw